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‘Considerate. If there is one word that captures the essence of my work, it is considerate.’

Our vision on design
ThomasE. pursues balance. Creating objects and spaces, Thomas Eurlings constantly seeks an equilibrium between decoration and function. At the same time, the aesthetics balance between colorful and transparent, between graphic and organic and between minimalistic and extravagant. Eurlings’ work is outspoken and thought-provoking, but never in an obtrusive manner: they are warmly inviting and approachable. Therefore, all creations are considerate of their users, surroundings and of their function. 


‘Just like my designs poise their varied aesthetics, I balance multiple activities

within my company.’

ThomasE is an international operating creative studio based in Amsterdam. Its namesake founder designs complete interiors as well as interior products and jewelry. The interior products vary between bespoke and off the shelf-items. The same goes for most of the jewelry collections created by ThomasE. creations. Besides his own designs, Eurlings consults various companies on their creative challenges. This work includes incidental advise and consultancy as well as long term involvement as a creative director. He uses his original mindset, eye for detail and instinct for new trends to assist a wide variety of clients.


Thomas Eurlings lives in Amsterdam with his dog and twelve mirrors in a of course very balanced interior.

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