0.36m2 of pinboard linoleum

During the recent lockdown, Thomas Eurlings and Marijke Griffioen came up with an exciting plan: for their 0.36m2 project they offered a selected group of creatives a linoleum pinboard of 60x60 cm. The invited creatives – 31 photographers, stylist, forecasters, illustrators and designers – got carte blanche to show their work progress or project. The result can be seen on the Forbo Flooring website and Instagram.

Read all about the project on: https://www.forbo.com/flooring/en-gl/inspiration-references/forbo-stories/the-0-36m2-of-pinboard-linoleum/pqmp1g?web=1&wdLOR=cF5F229E0-7540-A245-BFDD-1E7B39674E67

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