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Interior design

Modez Studio’s Arnhem (Multicolor)

The Modez Studio’s are part of Fashion Hotel Modez.

Hotel Modez and the Modez Studio’s are located in the “Modekwartier”, the design district of Arnhem.

ThomasE. was responsible for the creating the interior concept including colors and material as well as all furniture en styling.


The studio’s have been decorated according to 3 different color themes.

Two of the four split level apartments on the upper floors have a multicolor palette.

The name of each studio is inspired by a fashion accessory that is depicted in the statement wallpaper. In case of the pink studio’s those are an umbrella and a tote bag which are featured in the photo’s by fashion photographer Sabrina Bongiovanni.


The gradient wallpaper on the wall next to the staircase is a design by ThomasE. for NLXL.

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